The Most Common Poses in Yoga


One way of keeping the heart in check and keeping blood pressure within the normal limits is by taking yoga classes.  Beginner learners of yoga have a hard time understanding different yoga poses.  The following is a list of the yoga poses from the most basic to the most complex style.

Beginners can start by learning any easy yoga pose for example corpse pose.   This pose is usually done as break from doing other more difficult yoga poses.  Corpse pose just like the name just involves getting in dead man in a coffin like position, while setting your legs apart up to their limits.  Corpse pose serves the body by regaining lost energy in other poses.

Another simple yoga pose is cat pose, which a person will stand on all four arms while having shoulders as high as possible.  While stretching the shoulders apart and upwards the person should perform breathing exercises for several minutes.  After this pose a person will experience a relief in hand muscles and the back.

Dancer pose is a next level yoga style, which to do properly requires experience.  The pose entails balancing on one foot while the other foot right foot is lifted up on the back being held by the right hand and at the time a person should lean forward while stretching the left hand forward.

The chair yoga pose requires a person to imitate the position they take on a seat even though there is no seat below them.  Also to complete this pose a person should straighten both hands upwards in the air. This pose is beneficial to the diaphragm and also assist the body blood circulation system.

Facing dog yoga pose. This one of the most popular restorative yoga poses. A person will bend forward until both their arms touch the ground, then they will lift they behind as high as possible by straightening their legs, while the hands are firmly placed on the ground.  One group that this pose most suitable for is female participants over the age of forty five years but even other groups benefit by feeling more energized and stress free.

Lizard pose is one of the complex yoga styles.  Lizard move is usually an advancement from the down facing dog yoga pose. Then one of leg should move one step back, forcing you to get to your elbows and forehands on the ground.  After that the leg should assume the sitting position.  In addition you will deep inhale and exhale while holding the pose.  With time doing lizard move the hips and pelvis stop being so rigid.


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